What’s that? Sorry, I can’t hear you…I’ve got Marley in my ears.

We wrapped up a series of videos for House Of Marley and I just wanted to add a few teaser images before we get the videos posted elsewhere on the site here.

What a fun project. Seriously. We got to hang out with our buddies from Nemo Design for a couple days while we shot a lot of product macro video in our studio here to highlight a lot of cool features across a plethora of headphones, bags, and watches. Then we spent a couple weeks getting a series of six videos all ready for CES…including a kind of ‘best of’ brand video to act as a lengthy attract loop within the booth at the show and as a promo vid used by the sales team on the floor.

Good times.

And I know that I mentioned this before in an earlier post, but those headphones and audio systems are freaking cool! Now if I can just convice someone to send me a LOT of them to outfit employees and, more importantly, my house. 😉


– brandon


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