Widmer Brothers - Animated Content For Social Channels

From tap to social, Transport animates beer labels for Widmer Brothers Brewing.

Widmer Brothers is one of the oldest breweries in Portland. They practically invented the craft beer movement 30 years ago when they started brewing their Altbier in a small warehouse in, what was then, a pretty sketchy part of town. Along the way, Widmer has created some really memorable beers, from their world-renowned Hefeweizen to any one of their numerous gold-medal-winning brews. They’re a local empire, an institution, and give back to the city through several charitable programs…they’re as much a part of the community as their avid fan base is their measure of success.

The Sasquatch agency approached Transport to help them expand the concept on one of their new campaigns for Widmer, and when we saw that they were arranging with the brewery to re-release 30 beers from the storied history of the brewery (one for each year in business), we knew there was an opportunity to really engage with the fans in a way that would memorable, shareable, and in a way that was not currently on the brand’s radar.

The online strategy

Transport was briefed with the project: 30 beers for 30 years. There was a design agency (factory north) that was curating 30 different illustrations from artists that would be reflective of both the year and the style of the beer, and Sasquatch was building a unique web presence to release the beers and provide info as they arrived in markets across the country. Transport saw a content marketing opportunity in the concept that would not only be fun to produce, but could be created for fans and reach them in key social channels.  Basically, meeting Widmer fans where they are with content that they would really enjoy – sort of like meeting them at a pub for a pint.

Animating the labels

Once an individual label was approved by the brewery, it was sent to Transport for animation and compositing onto a beer bottle. We took special care to ensure the final image would match the real bottle found in stores and be 100% accurate. Transport identified that, if we were to keep the animations simple and short, they could be repurposed across multiple social channels, thereby extending initial marketing dollars with minimal additional effort. Basically, it was a win-win scenario for everyone: Transport would make some fun animations, Sasquatch would be able to showcase the content across the original website, Instagram, Facebook and Vine…and, most importantly, the fans would have content in their social streams unlike they were used to seeing and would be able to engage with the brand on a more personal level.

I just heard today that Widmer likes the animations so much they want to do more for other beers. hooray!

Ben, Creative Director at Sasquatch

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