Beats Audio Epic Party

Working with HP on an awareness campaign for Beats Audio in select laptops

When most people think about the Beats brand, they think of Dre. And while that’s not incorrect, it’s only part of the overall story.

Hewlett-Packard was responsible for the development of the Beats technology, and after the initial press focus using Dre and Interscope to lead the charge in demand generation, HP was in need of their own messaging to showcase the technology being integrated into their higher-end notebooks and towers.

HP’s awareness needs for Beats

HP was in a bit of a tough place. All the attention on Beats was being focused on the personalities behind a portion of the brand, and not as much on the technology and integration of the components into the products being created by the other half of the brand. How best to introduce new products in a fun way that wouldn’t step on the toes of a brand that was streaming to the top of the headphone industry?


Focus on the market. The entire focus of Beats, in the early stages, was on headphone culture and an urban aesthetic to drive home the brand values and personality behind the brand itself. And, as a start, this was a smart direction to take. Now it was time for HP to step in and address the secondary consumer that was looking for the same technology, but applied more directly to the hardware and environment that HP had demographically been aiming at.

Transport, in coordination with HP’s internal Beats team, determined that one of the most effective ways to showcase the new technology (outside of some more detailed technical information videos, which we also produced) was to show a fun way to bring across the message that “Beats makes it better”. And, as one of our guiding principles, we felt strongly that the environment should be as authentic as possible in order to feature the technology. Which led to a great idea: throw a party.

Turned out great, everyone thinks it is super fun!

Dawn, HP representative

The Production

Starting with a simple concept (‘Beats makes it better’), our main focus was to show the technology in an environment that would allow it to stand out as the star. And that meant using the technology in a way that would showcase it’s abilities like it hadn’t before: as the output device in a party setting for a DJ, and delivering the audio fidelity from a home device that you usually only find in professional clubs.

Additionally, in order to have a little fun with the concept, we bookended the real DJ performance with a couple of staged elements to show how a boring party could be transformed to become epic when you added Beats into the mix. The resulting aftermath was designed to look like one of the most insane parties ever held in your parent’s living room. It was a really fun day of shooting.


With a Diddy-sanctioned music track, some great footage and performances, we set out to craft a short piece that encapsulated all of the above goals.

Special attention was paid to the color grading of the intro, to give it a bland and flavorless feel. And the party footage was left reasonably untouched, as part of the goal in maintaining brand authenticity. The closing shots treated to be similar to the intro portion but with a renewed vibrance as the result of using Beats.


Not only were the internal HP Beats team happy with the result, both Interscope and Dre liked it, and Diddy thought the way we included his production of the track was great. The awareness of HP’s involvement in the development of Beats was bolstered with this video, and helped to establish a new line of high-end audio component notebooks and computers for HP. It was a successful project for all parties involved, and we got to throw a raging party. Win-win.

…showed Jimmy Iovine and Diddy’s camp…they liked it. They’re happy.

Val, Hewlett-Packard

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