The House of Marley

Product videos and aspirational lifestyle content as sales assets

Trade show video is a unique beast. Hundreds of people walk by each booth, looking to be impressed, inspired and to be given a reason to stop and look more closely. Each booth only gets one shot at a first impression, so it’s critical that a story be told quickly. A booth needs to tell the tale of exactly what that brand stands for, what they’re selling  and why each passer-by actually gives a rat’s ass.

Video assets in these booths can be key eye-grabbers. You might call them “attract loops”, or “sizzle” pieces or “eye-candy”. We’ve heard it each way. The reality is these video assets are a tease.  They’re like those weird light things that hang in front of angler fish.

The House of Marley

House of Marley is a lifestyle brand. They sell personal audio components like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. They also sell watches and bags. You might be asking yourself the question, “what do those have in common?” The answer is two-fold. First, the materials for all the products are unique. They are crafted of natural, ecologically conscious woods and recyclable metals. Second, they are designed to make a unique statement about the wearer. The person who purchases these products relishes design, wants high quality product, identifies themselves as young, beach-going and relaxed. They talk about how to make the world a better place, and actively purchase products that do that. They want to hear music that is uplifting. They enjoy the act of living with others, and their friendships are deep and lasting.


Nemo Design came to Transport to help them translate that brand to a sales video, with the intent of making a splash at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The concept was to show materials, form-factor and hyper-close detail shots to celebrate the uniqueness of the products. We wanted to get in as close as possible, not hide anything. The subtle etching of the watches, the grain of the woods on the speakers, the stitching on the bags were all important.

In addition, lifestyle and the connection to the “one-love” message that Bob Marley is known for were important to establish. The brand is an embodiment of these tenets, and it was important to make that apparent. Showing the products in the locations where they might be used, at home or on the beach, was key. It’s not about pretending that these products will give you this lifestyle, it’s about celebrating those who live it.

This looks so good! Love the group shot of the headphones. LOVE the shot of the watches. Turned out great!

Jess, Nemo Design Art Director

The Production

Lifestyle footage was shot concurrently with principal catalog photography. Southern California was a logical choice for location. Nemo charged themselves with capturing the footage while on location. Our job was to match the lifestyle footage with studio shots of product to make them feel like a seamless integration.

We set up our back studio to shoot products in an all day-light vibe. A truckload of art and props were brought in to give options for each product. We shot most products with a shallow DOF to give them some pop off the background. Let’s be honest, shallow DOF is sexy.


Subtle color correction, light, and a finishing grade to match all footage from two shoots  into one cohesive series was the final result of our efforts. HOM took a total of 6 different videos (the five categories mentioned above, and a sixth ‘sizzle’ piece that showcased an overview of them all) to CES and wowed the vendors. The featured sizzle attract loop on monitors around the booth brought the buyers in, and the sales team, armed with specific product videos, were set up to showcase an entire range of products within various categories by displaying the individual product videos we created on iPads with vendor software to capture sales.


The CES booth, and the sales video assets, were a hit and House of Marley continues to grow. Their products have been well-reviewed. A large number of retailers are stocking HOM products today, including numerous national retail chains and online retailers. What a brand does at CES in large part dictates which buyers put in their orders for the year. We were thrilled to be a part of HOM and are proud of what we were able to help them with.

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