Blue Chalk Media - An Introduction

An animated introduction to a new kind of media company.

The current video distribution business model for visual storytellers is weighted heavily to the favor of the distribution companies. A lot of hard work and effort goes into making documentary and nonfiction content…so how can the producers of the content make a decent living working on projects they love, sharing them with the world, and afford to continue to make works of art?

Enter Blue Chalk Media

Blue Chalk is setting out to be a new kind of digital content company, working to help create content as well as distributing it to the world. All the while making sure that all the parties involved are taken care of and paid for their time with a fair wage and whatever production support they need.


“Blue Chalk arrives at a complicated time in the evolution of the visual media industries.” was our initial brief, and it was now our job to figure out a way, in the cacophonous world of media, to introduce a new model of how content creators could operate. Transport spent many hours simply trying to figure out where Blue Chalk fit in the current world. Turns out, they don’t…they are the future.

Ultimately, Transport determined that in order to announce the new concept of what an altruistic digital content creator could be, we needed to reach back to a simpler time in the world of art and design.

This looks really great. Thank you for all your hard work!

Rob Finch, Executive Producer, Blue Chalk Media

The Design

With the world of media companies all clamoring to grab the attention of content creators, in an almost feeding frenzy style of design and animation, Transport looked to historically effective and simple communication styles in order to set the visual theme of the piece we were creating. When you need to cut through the clutter, minimal and clean is far more impactful than plastic 3D and sparkles.

Using an illustration style reminiscent of Charley Harper was not only a fun style to work within, it was also the right decision to make in order to achieve the style of message and audience reach Blue Chalk was aiming for.


The final video was used to introduce Blue Chalk at their New York launch party, and has been used as the opening to meetings and presentations as a way to quickly establish the tone, direction and ‘feel’ of the Blue Chalk brand.

Wow! Looks fantastic!
Thank you all so much for all you’ve done to make this work. It really came together beautifully.
Thank you all for a job well done!

Pam Huling, COO, Blue Chalk Media

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