Bell Helmets - Product Description Video

Creating branded product videos that connect with the user

Product videos are becoming ubiquitous. That’s not a bad thing, it’s great. The bad thing is that many brands believe that in order to produce product videos, you only have two options. Either use a service to create generic, white-washed product demos that aren’t targeted in any way, or spend a big bag of coin to make hyper slick, commercial content. There are ways to product product videos that are branded, connect to consumers in a real way and actually creating a return on investment. These Bell helmets pieces we produced are great examples of what can be done.

Strategy & Production

Sitting employees down in an interview or presentation format to talk about products is a method we’ve used many times. Using employees as evangelists for products can be a powerful way for viewers to read body language and tone. Typically the employees are invested in the products, because they have a hand in the creation, design and testing. Tapping into that sense of pride is compelling. This was definitely the case for Bell employees, as they are very close to the products they create.

We procured action footage of the products in use. It took some work to find it, as it was footage that was shot previously, but it was well worth it. Anytime we can show a product in a real world situation, we’ll take advantage of it. It’s a simple way to help the viewer make a connection to what the product can do for them.

We also shot detail footage of the same products our presenters were showing, here in our Portland studio. Shooting in a controlled environment allows us to tweak lighting as needed to get into tight places, or create rigs to mount products as they would be used.  In this case we used the product shots as B-roll and cut into them when our presenter began talking about a specific detail.

You guys have done a bang-up job on this one, as usual. Nicely done.

Jon, Account Director at Nemo


We utilized Bells visual center to create typographic elements, animation was kept very simple to maintain Bell’s premium look and feel,  and the overall tone was closely aligned with Bell’s gritty attitude, but products were kept clean and sexy. A bit of wire removal and roto was required to pull our mounts and rigs out of studio shots, and, of course, a bit of product cleanup in post is always necessary. We never want a product to look anything less than amazing.


These product videos are the blueprint for future Bell product videos. They are effective, accurate and branded.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sticking this out with us. We couldn’t have asked for better partners on this project!

Cassandra, Producer at Nemo

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