Online Video Strategy – Part 1: Why Your Brand Needs A Video Presence Online

The world wide web is becoming an on-demand video library. Consumers are using a variety of devices to consume billions of online videos every day. Businesses must commit to producing quality video content that respects and strengthens their brands, returns on their investment and provides valuable, actionable information for their current and potential customers.


When the world wide web gained traction in the mid to late nineties, most companies had no idea how to approach their online presence. They were used to traditional techniques such as TV ad buys, magazine advertising, direct mail marketing, and cold-calling. Creating deep, rich content wasn’t yet a marketing concept. Getting potential consumers or customers intrigued, or reminding them about a brand was the primary order of business.

In time, companies began to realize that creating authentic, detailed content about their brands and products was extremely powerful. Users who were looking for information (i.e. pulling their own details from companies), were now empowered to make informed decisions based on a company’s detailed marketing information.

Traditional video advertising was forced to change. Companies started pointing people to websites after a TV spot. Ads got bigger and longer, more extravagant, attempting to get more attention from viewers who were no longer forced to watch them. Viewers could use DVRs to skip ads. Or they could just take a mental note and go off to later glean more information online.

While people were utilizing the web in ever-increasing ways, they still watched countless hours of television daily. They did this because passive content is engaging, easy and condensed. It also happens to be in a format that we all are used to.

Today, potential consumers are expecting companies to provide online content that isn’t just text, but video of the same production quality as the broadcast television they have been watching all their lives. This is the new frontier of online media.

The uptake of online video has been dramatically increased because of the devices on which we have to watch it. There are many places viewers choose to watch online video.

According to Harris Interactive Polling,

“64% of people are watching online video during work hours. Of this video, 45% is company, viral and social media video.”

What this says is that viewers are so enamored with online video content, that they are literally forgoing job requirements to watch it. This is assuming that these individuals are not watching video because their job requires it. In fact, many individuals are online watching video as an important part of their jobs. This is powerful.

Online video isn’t only watched at the desk on computers. Millions of people are watching at home on mobile devices, at varying resolutions. While they have their HDTVs playing their favorite programming, they are also watching video online.

According to Nielsen,

“85 Percent Of Tablet And Smartphone Owners Use Devices As ‘Second Screen’ Monthly, 40 Percent Do So Daily.”

The fact that people are watching so much online video is powerful. They are watching it all day, every day. They expect it. In fact, they demand it. It’s pretty obvious that nearly every company or brand can utilize online video to maximize engagement with current and potentials customers. But where do you go from here?

In Part II, we’ll begin to address some specifics on how to utilize video, what it should look and feel like and how to maximize your ROI.


Transport is a creative agency that focuses on strategically–crafted online video media for brands and products.
We are a team of designers, filmmakers, and strategists…multi-faceted and enthusiastic creators of moving images and brand messaging. We believe strongly in the power of online video to transform the way people learn about brands and products. We focus on creating efficiently-crafted, authentic product and brand messaging that connects companies directly to their clients and customers.

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