Notes on Big Business Video Strategy Challenges

The bigger a company gets, the more video assets are needed as product lines increase, marketing divisions expand, and advertising budgets get bigger. The biggest companies may find themselves having difficulty managing their increasing library of video assets. Here are some things seen bigger businesses suffer from when it comes to their video content.

Unused Assets

If you work for a large company, this might be familiar to you.  There are media campaigns that produce assets for marketing departments company-wide to use if they feel the need to. But these marketing departments may have never requested them, nor are they part of their marketing strategy. So they sit in the library and gather dust. Companies are wasting a lot of cash.

Media Hoarding

All media assets have an expiration date. We’ve found that some large corporations fail to cull old, irrelevant assets from their libraries. There are countless videos that still reside on YouTube about products the public can no longer purchase. This clogs up the works, dilutes the brand focus, and makes it challenging for customers to find useful content.

Shotgun Strategies

Many businesses, both large and small, believe that using the same video asset everywhere must return the best bang for their buck. When a company spends hard-earned money on their media, they want it to do everything it can for them.

To target desired audiences, businesses should decide where each video will be deployed early in the planning phase. If an asset doesn’t make sense in a location, don’t use it there. Because large businesses are producing a massive amount of content, the number of inappropriately placed videos can get out of hand quickly.

Poor Quality Content

Even huge corporations are guilty of smartphone video crimes. We’ve heard stories of employees taking it upon themselves to shoot videos of upcoming products with cheap cameras and posting them as “new product videos”. At best, it’s embarrassing. When bad videos get shared among the millions of people looking for the next corporate blunder, it could spell D-O-O-M.

A Basic Guide


Each of the previous strategy transgressions leads to a weakening of a brand. Weak brand makes us sad.

Even these big companies need the help of a straightforward strategic guide to help them manage. Luckily, we’ve developed a very simple one. It may not get anybody all the way to the finish line, but it will get them off the blocks quickly.

Transports_UberBasicGuide (pdf 90k)

We realize this is a charged topic, and can’t get complicated in a hurry. Feel free to contact us to directly if you want to discuss this further, or leave a comment below.


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